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  • Junbeom accessory

    We are all people of the world has their own character, I think this is unique to each character designs exist. All of our products are doing their own product design and mold our hands up.The goal of our 'Junbeom accessory' is the design of all the characters in the world who own, is to give your own accessories.

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    #핸드메이드 #액세서리 #귀걸이 #목걸이 #브로치

  • Brgames Co.Ltd.


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  • signology

    It is a company that develops and manufactures products.We will do our best with innovative products and services such as IOT, healthcare, etc.Thank you.

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    #시그놀러지 #signology

  • Studio M - Ball Bear

    Studio M is an up and coming creative digital studios, producing animation, visual effects and various CGI based contents. Established in 1991, Studio M has produced outstanding visual effects and animation for any media format with professional technicians, advanced specialists and various experiences on the field.


    #애니메이션 #VFX #캐릭터 #VR #홀로그램 #뉴미디어 #TV시리즈 #

  • Pebblekick Inc. - Fighters Of Fate

    Pebblekick, a mobile game developer / publisher, was founded in June 2015 by the people who desiredto provide the best games with the highest quality to gaming users worldwide. NPC Factory developedvarious games and serviced their games in many regions in the world. One of their most successful titlesis “Bingo Mon” which was a popular mobile bingo game and is still on service in korea. NPC Factory alsomainly focuses on developing games of the hardcore genre, but will also invest in creating casual andsocial games as well. Pebblekick plans on becoming a global company, captivating many audiencesaround the world.

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  • Unico Search Inc.

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    COOSY is a character company specializing in developing, researching, and exporting character products.Exporters export products based on items related to stationery, toys, accessories, and miscellaneous items.We recommend that you buy products from various developing countries by distributing products from various developing companies to overseas buyers and offer products to buyers.We're all compiling and exporting.COOSY character development is also a major work of COOSY.Develop products from COOSY and introduce them overseas, directly from domestic production, or through licensing.We export items produced by Recense Corporation to overseas markets.Therefore, I can get a chance to introduce Korean character abroad first, so I am trying to globalize the Korean character.COOSY will continue to develop a variety of overseas buyers and develop a growing company in COOSY itself.


    #수출 #캐릭터 #문구 #완구 #야미야미 #애니롤즈 #

  • We are making fun and fantastic board games.  

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  • Since the establishment of anition studio 'KIMO' in 1997, Macaron has accumulated a lot of producion experience through TV advertsements with KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS broadcating animation and Samsung Electronic/Maritz fire/SK Telecom.In addition based on this, We have established a competitive business system through a digital process model which is developed exclusively by Macaron.We're trying to expand its possibilities as a company with infinite potential through chacater business such as a spherical joint doll. MACARON is a character animation specialty sxhibition that deals with with the entire business from planning and production of characters and animation.


    #darakdoll #macadoll #stopmotion #


    NHN is a global IT company that is expanding into various IT-based business areas such as game, payment, entertainment, IT, and advertising. On August 1, 2013, NHN Co., Ltd., the largest Internet company in Korea, was split up and launched under the mission of "NHN Entertainment.'' On April 1, 2019, the company changed its name back to NHN, and the value of "NHN '', the symbol of Korean IT companies. Is succeeding as a global IT technology company.

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    #토스트 게임베이스 #게임 클라우드 #게임 플랫폼 #

  • AZOOM Soft inc. - BANASTAR

    A·JUME SOFT Company is that is based on Core Software AR, VR business, and is a business for content agency and licensing business. Coloring AR, sensory AR, augmented reality solution, and VR business.


    #AZOOM Soft

  • Sky People Co., Ltd. - Final Blade

    Sky People is the company established by the developers with years of know-how and experiences in games.  Our goal is to create the new market by creating games with our own unique colors together with the people who want to achieve the big dreams.The first step is to be the global mobile 2D RPG Top Class developer starting with .

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    ##스카이피플 ##모바일게임 ##게임개발 #스카이피플

  • Moonglow Co., Ltd.


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  • MixPunch Inc. Has a development philosophy of 'Let's make better things by mixing’. It is difficult to create new items that are not in the world, but like Apple's iPhone, it will fuse well with existing ones and make better ones. [MixPunch’s the first fusion project] Casual Game (SNG) and Dating App Collaboration !! It is a new genre game SDG (Social Dating Game) [Let's Friends].We aim for a game platform that can add various mini games and marketing beyond one game.

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    #캐주얼게임 #SNG #소셜데이팅게임 #마피아 #렛츠프렌즈

  • Contents link Inc.

    CONTENTS LINK was directly plan to produce excellent Korean wave contents and then distribute contents in the world market, promote the excellence of Korean Wave.

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    #콘텐츠 유통 #콘텐츠 제작


    Pet band

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  • all eng too

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  • NokNok Co., Ltd.


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  • MWN Tech.,Ltd - Angry Ball VR

    MWN Tech has developed VR/AR educational contents and plugins based on the Unity 3D and Unreal engine4. We use the motion-detective sensor and wearable computing device - Kinect, Leap motion etc – so as to build the intuitive and efficient interaction VR environments. 

    • GAME

    #vr #ar #edu #safe #mwn #game #엠더블유앤테크

  • Jinny Lab Inc. - Recruiter

    Jiiny Lab Inc. is the game developer based in Seoul, South Korea. Founded by Hyunjin Ku in 2019 as an independent developer.

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    #gamestudio #indie game

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Barunson E&A

Barunson E&A has entered the global online games market in the United States to start a publishing contract rageuhaim 2003. Then, advance to more than 30 countries around the world, beginning with Japan service has received a lot of love from local players.

Nanali Studios

Nanali Studios has gathered young artists and developers of Korea competent storytelling, design, illustration, games, and companies seeking the best quality in many ways, including animation.

Dalgona Entertainment

DALGONA Entertainment planning creative animation, New Media and merchandising, new media business. This allows the creative content licensing business with a target overseas market. For more than 20 years, we’ve developed the know-how to make content powerful in the Korean animation market. Based on our previously successful animation program, Backkom, we will keep creating global animations and establish a new business model that reflects the changing media environment.

  • France Annecy Animation Festival - MIFA Korean Pavilion