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Netmarble Games

Netmarble Games is the gaming industry's first online game publishing project began, 35 million is the largest game portal service to the nation's leading online game publishers have Netmarble members. The game industry's first and best qualified Net Marble Games are always together domestic game companies and accelerate the global market and the success of the market based, to become a leading global gaming company that enhances the pleasure people around the world. Do not settle for the successful PC online games, mobile games, and subsequently sikimyeo all of Marvel's monster taming successful start Everybody Cha Cha Cha has become the No.1 mobile gaming a true domestic enterprises.

Troll games

Troll games is a company that creates value for more and better life through fun games that holds the communication, the value of the treatment as a mobile game development company founded in 2012.


Playwith are as a KOSDAQ listed gaming company, established in 1984, with three overseas offices (North America, South America, Taiwan) and its own game studio, developing games specifically for PC Online and Mobile / publishing. His major works are the seals and Rohan Online, Lohan is currently developing a reboot of the last works and new mobile games.

  • France Annecy Animation Festival - MIFA Korean Pavilion