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2020 대만게임쇼 경기도관 참가기업 모집

2020 대만게임쇼 경기도관 참가기업 모집

Event period
2020.02.06 09:00 ~ 2020.02.07 18:00

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1, Taiwan

2019.11.12 00:00 ~ 2019.12.11 18:00
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Consultation meeting schedule

Consultation meeting schedule
Consultation Period ~
2019.11.12 00:00 ~ 2019.12.11 18:00

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  • Person in charge : Sunghun Kim
  • Contact number : 031-776-4782
  • Email :
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The CRZONE is a group of professional related with character, and the professinals those who has done character's deveop ment, character licensing, and the development for characterful products professionally for 20 years are doing research and development constantly in order to creat a world character. Specially, the CRZONE develop the suitable characters for the merchandises which it is more cute and intermate, and lead li censing business with deverse character developed at local and foreign markets. * Commercialization of character development * Animation planning * Character merchandising * Development of character goods

markit, Co., Ltd

Markit, Co., Ltd is a Digital Contents Provider. They create mobile e-brochure for company.Markit's mobile e-brochure is not your typical e-brochure, as it is a paper brochure converted to a pdf brochure.They create an interactive e-brochure as a communication medium between the salesman and their clients.These contents will increase the salesman's performance dramatically.Markit is a leading company in the category of creating and producing e-brochures in Korea. They always make sure to create easy and fun contents; And they will surely fulfill and satisfy your company’s expectation.


Founded in 2019, ACCESS KOREA creates new brand values and opportunities based on the networks and perspectives. Focusing on character licensing, animation distribution and the supply of Korean cultural products, we introduce Korea's excellent cultural contents to business partners all over the world.1. Illustration : 2. Desgin Character : 3. TV Animation Series : <Aesop's Theater> 39eps x 8mins.  43 countries watch.4. Webtoon(14 titles) 5. Education TV show program - Play learn TV(CATV)

  • France Annecy Animation Festival - MIFA Korean Pavilion