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해외진출 지원 홈페이지 기본 배너

해외진출 지원 홈페이지 기본 배너

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Consultation meeting schedule
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  • Person in charge : Content Industry Team
  • Contact number : 032-623-8083, 8085
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Day2Life inc.

- Mobile time management solutions developing company- Currently providing TimeBocks calendar app in iOS and Android market- Possessing native planner app solution in both ios and andoid OS- Having 7 domestic and international patents related mobile time management- Invested by 500Startups in Silicon vally (‘16.01)

markit, Co., Ltd

Markit, Co., Ltd is a Digital Contents Provider. They create mobile e-brochure for company.Markit's mobile e-brochure is not your typical e-brochure, as it is a paper brochure converted to a pdf brochure.They create an interactive e-brochure as a communication medium between the salesman and their clients.These contents will increase the salesman's performance dramatically.Markit is a leading company in the category of creating and producing e-brochures in Korea. They always make sure to create easy and fun contents; And they will surely fulfill and satisfy your company’s expectation.

Creative SUMM

Creative SUMM

  • France Annecy Animation Festival - MIFA Korean Pavilion